An introspective moment about our current state, where the man positions himself in the center, reinventing himself and adapting to new trends, habits and customs, but with the feeling of belonging and disappointment in relation to our actions and the world around him.

The new era forces us to look inside and rethink our way of living and the relationship with our cohabitants, the needs created by us, put us in a disadvantageous position to respond to the challenges and dynamics created by us.

What tools do we need to overcome the new challenges? Does the man alone represent the artificial way he created? How to reinvent without losing our identity and self-love? What impact will the future have looked at in the present?

With the theme “Vanguardistas, Somos?”, we have deconstructed the past, fragmenting the present to better structure the future, it is with this thought that we will rigorously indoctrinate our actions to ensure safe passage to the forthcoming generations.

In this edition, TEDxLuanda will undress from the prejudices and the popularized canons, celebrating our real values aggregated to our socio-cultural identity.

Be part of a unique moment of knowledge sharing!

21 de Julho - Academia BAI - 09H:00 às 18H:30


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