TEDxLuanda Preview 2013

09 / 05 / 2013

This event aims to bring together diverse personalities somehow related TEDxLuanda. (Media, speakers, influencers, sponsors, etc). preparing the event TEDxLuanda 2013.

“TEDxLuanda Preview”
Location: Forest Lounge
Time: 18.30 (RSVP)


TEDxLuanda Official Song: Astronauts

05 / 05 / 2013

Astronauts, is the official song for the second edition of TEDxLuanda 2013 to be held on May 25 of this year.

According to the producer Symon Sollo, the music was created in record time, after receiving a brief from the host of the event, Januario Jano.

On May 25 Symon Sollo will be present, for more about the creative process, follow the link.

To listen and download the song, go here.

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03 / 05 / 2013

Do not want to miss the opportunity to have a good tea with people who still believe in the powers of nature, the Astros … talking about Astros,  the Angolan Astronauts will be present.

Make you registation now as the places are running out fast:

See it all here!

Team TEDxLuanda connects the dots.

29 / 03 / 2013

The TEDxLuanda team’s visit to the Okutiuka project in Huambo summed up with the connection dots, love and solidarity.

The organizing team of TEDxLuanda gushed to find heroin and mother of 56 children, very emotional stories which are actually very similar to all of us, only in a different context. In the end we dedicate a text to everyone who are in the same situation:

“From Luanda, Bengo, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza-Sul and Huambo, the points were more than provinces, more than people, fruits, rivers, mountains, landscapes, cars, smiles, women, fish, conversation, hugs, photography , rain, smells, handshakes, fuel station, difficult road. shared the idea Everything was doing well, was good spell spirit was enchantment to invigorate and find our I was sure that the world needs to know that we do not die or die if we share and contagious with good. “

Thanks to our host and curator Januario Jano, to our friends and team member, Adalberto Cawaia, Paulo Costa, Dicla Burity and her daughter, Manecas, Benjamin Sabby and his wife, Midan Campal, Sandra Campal and everyone who gave their support and assistance, special thank you to Joel Epalanga for the donation, to the project Okituika boys and our heroine Sonia Ferreira a special kandando of all TEDxLuanda team members.

Connect the dots, do it right!

TEDxLuanda Tour Huambo

06 / 03 / 2013

Vamos ligar o TEDxLuanda ao ponto mais alto de Angola, o Huambo, e faremos isto bem, levando solidariedade às crianças do Centro Infantil Okutiuka. Vamos contagiar e passar energia positiva a brincar, a partilhar sonhos e ideias e ainda vamos doar cadernos, pastas e t-shirt’s do TEDxLuanda 2012 e ver vídeos TED.

Queremos que venhas porque o teu calor é fundamental e se quiseres ir mais longe, podes também doar o que achares conveniente (alimentos não perecíveis, material escolar, roupas e calçados, brinquedos). VAMU LÁ!

O evento será realizado no dia 15 de março de 2013 às 07:00 - veja o mapa. Para mais informações visite a página do evento no Facebook ou entre em contato através do email team@tedxluanda.com ou dos números 917958050 / 923524104.

This Independently organized TEDx event is operated under a license from TED.
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