Akiules Neto

Physicist, Researcher and Transformer of Ideas –

With a degree in Physics, Akiules is the Executive Administrator of BODIVA, the Stock Exchange of Angola, where he leads the financial restructuring, risk management and transformation of electronic systems since October 2016. Previously, he served as an advisor to the President of Capital Markets Commission, the regulatory authority of the Angolan Financial Market. Prior to joining the financial sector, he worked as an associate researcher at CERN in Switzerland. He worked on new types of superconductors that helped direct the plasma used in high-temperature superconductors.

Akiules is known for his unique perspectives, thoughtful judgement and ability to transform ideas into challenges and then into solutions; He is a leader committed to inspiring and motivating young people to actively engage in dialogue and action to change Angola’s socioeconomic landscape.

In 2014, with two young entrepreneurs, he created the company iSeeCow, in which the “belt for cattle” was developed. An alternative to reduce the number of road accidents caused by grazing animals in the SADC region

He was recently recognized as the Young Executive of the Year 2017 and was one of the most promising young Angolans in the book “Angola’s Golden Generation”. He also participated in the initiative of Young African Leaders (YALI) where he was selected from a group of more than 50,000 candidates.