Alexandra Loras

 Activist and Dream’s Motivator

Alexandra Loras, a former French consul’s wife, wants to use her blog to answer the questions she often receives, both about fashion and her personal journey and encourage young people to follow their dreams.

Ten years ago, I felt insecure about going into fancy shops. I had a feeling I’d be treated like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. It was then that I met a woman who led me to circulate in the elite. She was always charismatic and very dear to all. I asked her how she did to feel so comfortable and it was then that she gave me the most precious lesson of my life: “I stand as if I were the owner of every place I visit. Not the proud owner, but the one who treats everyone with affection and respect because I want them to always return. I seek to emanate a light, to radiate well-being. ” And then she completed, “If we can believe that we are not part of it, we can also believe the opposite. Do you prefer to believe in the best or the worst of your potential? ” From then on, I kept the same posture and that’s what changed my life.

Her aim is to show young people from all walks of life how, even though she was born in the worst ghetto in Paris, she achieved all the prestige she has today.

As well as being a former French consul’s wife, Alexandra Loras, is an inspiration to many young people and has increasingly strived to encourage them to regain their self-esteem. In Brazil, besides exerting a strong influence in fashion, she also gives weekly lectures in public schools, showing young people how it is possible to have a better future, with great effort and dedication.

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