Cabuenha Janguinda Moniz

Capoeira Instructor, Mentor and Social activist 


Diversity is his other name, it creates. Diversity is his other name, creativity is his last name. A refined confidant and artist accessible to the bone”

Júlio Janguinda Moniz, is a professional capoeirista and was born on July 1, 1980, in Luanda.

Capoeira entered his life in 1996 when he watched in a TV show capoeira images, but only in 1998 he found people who practised the Art from the school of ABADÁ – Capoeira and began his practice in Luanda. They named him Cabuenha and from there began the dive in the ocean called Capoeira.

In 1998 he participated in the 1st African Capoeira Encounter in Luanda. And the following year he emigrated to Portugal (Lisbon) with his family due to the difficult conditions provoked by the war in the country. In Portugal, with the desire to train with a good teacher, he moved to Guimarães, where he had the possibility to take classes with Mestre Cascão.

Capoeira brought him an interest in various fields of Arts, besides studying, he also dedicated his time to dance and theatre (in Vila do Conde), attending environments related to the performing arts and poetry.

In Capoeira, he won some prizes in the years 1999, 2004 and 2008, but his route did not involve prizes only. More important than the competition, were the experiences.

In 2005, with the desire to improve, he ventures to live in Brazil realizing his dream as a boy: training with Mestre Camisa, founder of ABADÁ – Capoeira.

In 2006 he returned to Angola, embracing the challenge of contributing, in his own country, to the development of Capoeira as an Art. Since that year he has participated actively in the dissemination of capoeira and Angolan culture in several countries and since 2009 that he participates as a cultural activist in the European and World Capoeira Games representing Angola.He currently teaches Capoeira and coordinates the work of ABADÁ – Capoeira in several provinces, investigating and disseminating Angolan cultural manifestations. He participated in the music video Amba by Paulo Flores and wrote the lyrics of the song Xikomba for singer Irina Vasconcelos,  these being just some of his many accomplishments and collaborations.