Sara Lopes

– Doula and Integral Yoga Teacher

“A human being still learning to be human, every day in a quest to be more”

Born in Luanda, raised between Angola and Portugal, descended from a Guinean mother and an Angolan father, Sara’s life path is not at all linear, it is full of twists, trips, ascents and descents, but essentially full of adventures and much learning.

Her basic academic background was divided between the Angolan and the Portuguese education. In 2008 she left Luanda and went to Cape Town to study Dance at the University of Cape Town, where she discovered her passion for the Doulas work. In 2010 she went to  Buenos Aires to study Theater Direction at Palermo University and Integral Yoga at the International School of Integral Yoga. And in 2012 she went to the United States where she finally graduated as Doula by MaternityWise and Reiki Therapist with Reiki Master Melanie Harrell.

She is also dedicated to activities related to the well-being, growth and development of the women’s consciousness, the awareness of their feminine essence, whose objective is to bring to women the ancestral knowledge about the Sacred Feminine so that they can regain their strength, self-confidence, self-love and then begin their journey of evolution and self-healing by knowing themselves better and their abilities and aptitudes.

With these resources, women become more confident, happy, free and in harmony with their feminine essence. This work has been done through a series of workshops started in August 2017 in Luanda called Harmonizing the Feminine and through the pages of Instagram @Sara_a_doula and the Facebook Sagrado Feminino Angola (Sacred Female Angola).

Being herself a carrier of endometriosis, she has been working on raising awareness for this disease that affects 2 to 10% of women in reproductive age in the world and that ends up causing infertility in 30 to 40% of them, being the most common cause of infertility. This work started from a Facebook page opened in 2013 Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain and reaches women in Angola, Brazil and Portugal, offering them medical resources, information about the disease and its treatments and moral and emotional support.