Valeriana Chikoti-Bandua

Social Activist and Humanitarian  –

Valeriana was born in Zambia but raised in Papua New Guinea where her drive, passion and commitment to serve underserved communities was birthed.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Oral Roberts University and a Masters degree in Global Governance and International Security from the Florida International University.

She currently resides in the United States and is formidably known for her remarkable story as a former refugee in her TEDxFIU Talk Protect The Girl Child, in Miami, Florida 2016.

Her professional expertise includes being an avid public speaker advocating against sexual violence within closed communities and cultures. She has also served with the United Nations in the 3rd committee for human rights and participated in policy writing. Valeriana organizes and hosts town hall community discussions on mental health, entrepreneurship, and social activism which transcends through practical plans to alleviate the struggles for forgotten communities by creating hygiene + sanitary kits and feeding the homeless and displaced populations.

Additionally, Valeriana is the founder of More Than A Refugee, a community group she created in 2016 as a way to channel her passion for marginalized populations into practical action on a grassroots level. She is also the co-founder of Etali Design + Consulting LLC and the creator of the Dinner Dialogue series: a space to dialogue, discuss and divulge difficult subject matter in a safe space with the comfort of scrumptious food.

Valeriana is a big believer in working with what you have to make a difference in your community. Furthermore, she remains steadfast in creating spaces where difficult conversations can happen.

Valeriana enjoys ample Netflix series, laughter with friends and family, travel, and engaging her culinary curiosities.

TEDxFIU Talk Protect the Girl Child